Mental Health Matters

Mental health. 🌺 It is a word that is barely given importance. People have grown apart in their own houses, they don’t discuss their issues with family friends, or soulmate.

In the busy lives,people often hesitate to speak about their mental well-being. But understand,mental and psychological well-being is important for happy life.❤❤🌺

If you think, this is true. Please talk about mental health with any person with whom you feel comfortable.🍀🌼

A daily dose for life🧡


How these books have kept my life going in this pandemic period.

Everyone has a thing that they love doing in free time and some are the things that acts as a therapy for them.

What is more satisfying then having a book shelf full of your favourite books that you can read at any hour of the day?

Since my teenage, I barely had interest in reading. I remember I read my first ever book by Chetan Bhagat that is ‘One Night at the Call Centre’ when I was in tenth class during my board exams. I read a few novels but never thought that these Fiction are the saviour.

But when I really I started reading books and it led to one then another, and now it’s an obsession. I am more of a romantic fiction reader, but honestly I never thought that reading fiction can help out in setting a calm mood.

According to psychology, a person who read has diverse thoughts and can memorize more as compared to a non-reader.

•             Reading fiction enhances the understand more.

Charlie Brown Says: Reading is an adventure that never ends #reading #readers #ILoveReading #books.

Books have their own memory lane. It is so amazing that when we read a fiction we put ourselves in the shoes of others and think in their way.  We forget the things that depress us, and feel the characters feeling, frustrations, track the story and develop a connection with the characters.

Reading is the activity that de-stresses your mind.

Many scientists have compared reading with meditation.  Reading reduces the stress level by 60% by lowering down the heart rate. Psychologists suggest that reading 20 minutes a day increases the brain’s concentration to distract from depression or stress.

•             Reading fictions make you explore life.

Human relationships are complicated, that we often get messed up with them. But reading clears out the mind to understand the human relationships in a quite better way.

•             Reading more reduces the mental decline with age by 32%. Yes it definitely does, because it boosts the happiness in your brain.

•             Studies show that depressed people recover at a faster rate when induce bed time reading habit.

In this technology driven world, people barely have five minutes to read, and they get bored and move to do something else. But, clearly we have forgotten to see the world from our eyes, we try to see it from our devices’ eyes now.

Reading is just like cultivating your thoughts.

So, tell me a few amazing books that I should read.


Sunsets, sunrise, flowers… the most beautiful elements of nature.

Have you ever felt how in our busy lives we have lost our connection with nature?

They add to the beauty of nature or they are the feeling of relief?

It is psychologically proven that people who feel the immense connection with nature feel more alive and happy . Not only this, it helps to live a meaningful life.☺

Spending time with nature acts as a potent elixir of life. I feel nature is the most beautiful source that de-stress your mind from the daily busy life. 

I have always been fond of the moments in which I can see the glory of sky🌞, beautiful flowers💮🌼, trees🍀 and winds. When I sit under a tree, it takes away that sinking, uncomfortable feeling that is the same feeling that comes on Sunday evenings thinking of an another week in the office.

The natural world has the ability to transcend fear and loneliness, only we need to feel that connection.

In this Quarantine period, when everyone is self-isolating, and there is underlying restlessness in environment. I am trying, searching and wanting to have a feeling of belonging and comfort in the elements of nature that we often wish to find in humans.

We all can question ourselves about how our generation has disconnected from the nature. We have forgotten the feeling that comes smell the rain☔. How can define the amazing vibe of sunrise and sunset🌥, the chirping of birds in early morning?

Just going to trips every time, we need fresh air and a relaxing moment, is the only a pinch of connection that is left with nature. This loss of connection is not only harmful for us, or it is also harming the environment. ❎

Rain and Petrichor, the most pleasant fragrance...

The nature is not a current topic for many people this days, but actually we cant forget nature is the theme of everything since starting. Whether we think of the songs or the movies, they have always expressed the imagery of love in context of nature.

If you are a nature lover just like me, you should definitely know this word, it is the Greek word that means the smell when rain droplets meet the soil. The rhythm of rain feels so satisfying just like the song ‘Kiss the Rain’.

I am totally not a photographer, but I have a few moments where I learned to love nature, and after all, every color of sky has a deep message and astonishing view.

So here are a few pics of the beautiful nature! Enjoy!🌤️🌼
Don’t forget to tell me which on you like the most.

Flowers means happiness.❤❤🌺

The fragrance of the flowers has positive vibes in it which draw all the good things towards us.

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Fear of Success Or Fear of Failure?

Whenever I think of starting a blog of mine, I get all messed up with the thoughts and think of what should I write about. And then run back to time with the same answer of I can’t do it. But honestly after trying a few times, failing and learning, I realized maybe it’s a ‘Fear of success’, the fear of acceptance that freezes the mind and stop us. It is not the first time, I have come across such feeling of fear of stepping out of the comfort zone.

First Step
Start your journey with a single step.


It’s well said, the first step is the hardest to make it. But, if you make it at the right time it makes your life land on the path that you choose.


Running from any fear only suppresses your feelings and fears for a time, but at the last you have to face it, to ‘let it go’ and find a way to handle it without letting it rule your mind.

Don’t let your fear decide your story.

Ever heard of placebo effect? Make your sub conscious mind think positive. Placebo effect is the best proven example, I can think of when we talk about the power of sub conscious mind. It is a treatment that is given to the addict patients to control their urge. It just shows that your mind can convince your body to stimulate the healing and feel good. That’s what it proves that you need to calm your mind to accept your fear and take your first step towards success.
I know it is easy to say rather than doing it in actual. So, Let’s see a few little tips to overcome your fear, step by step.
1. Fail but don’t lose hope.
2. Analyse your mistakes but never repeat it.
3. Your company matter a lot.
Yes, it is foremost step towards positivity. Be with people with vision who bring out the best in you.
4. One step at a time
Follow this theory if you can’t handle all at a time, take one step one breath of your life at a time.
Hit the START button on your life and make it run towards success.
I hope these ways of life help you.

Social media, the ruler?

Welcome to a life where social media speaks your mind. Do these social media sites decide how popular you are? How many people like your pictures?

Comments? Tags? Repost?

Do they really decide how many people like you in real life?

Having 2k followers but not a single person when in need? It often happens right…

These don’t decide your self-worth guys. Getting a number of likes or comments doesn’t mean that you are too blessed.
Truly said, we are just a sad generation with happy pictures.
These over-concern for likes and comments have just taken away the moments that could be spent without these posts and stories. So dear social media addicted people, positively use that social media and maintain a balance, don’t let it rule your

Happily ever after in this era?

With time, the thoughts on relationships have changed. But I think it is the on-going process that depends on both the partners.
Happily ever after is not something about which we can decide at the starting of any relationship, but it depends on the everyday effort we put for that relationship.

Today, I was wondering does happily ever after only exists in fairy tales?

But after I thought a little, now there is some point changed. I feel happily ever after is just your thought. Sometimes it happens that we are with someone, but we don’t feel full, we don’t feel complete even after years of relationships. And rarely, but yes it happens in few days or months, we get butterflies in our stomach when we are with that specific person. It sounds immature right, but It does happen. That doesn’t guarantee happily ever after again, you just live for the present and live that moment, and that is what we consider as happy afters!!!

Are these happy endings meant only for love?

If I talk about myself, I would say if you can’t be at peace with yourself, then I don’t think anyone can make up your peace, whether its family or lover.

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